vrijdag 27 mei 2011

Where the magic happens

Just a little inspiration!
the first picture is the tattoo of a friend of my Luc!
I think it's pretty cool.
Do you guys want a tattoo? or have you already one?

vrijdag 20 mei 2011

Who are u?

Chic woman

The Chic women.
Chic and classy are the words for this style. The women with this style love brands like,
Chanel and YSL. They love the lady like look. The colours they use are most of the time nude.
They love the real designer brands. But if they can not afford it they bought the cheaper one's.
For example the chanel 2.55 bag, but than a look a like.

Rock'n roll

Rock Chick.
These chicks are very rock'n roll!
They are very cool and the use most of the time dark colours in their outfits.
They also like Leather and biker jackets. And doctor martin shoes with a touch of skulls!

Colour everywhere

The colour kid
These lady's like to use very bold colours. But not one colour! No, they use more colours in one outfit , that is called colour blocking. All the crazy colours in one outfit. Like Neon green,pink and yellow. They love it!

flower garden

The Garden girl
Garden girls love everything with flowers in it! They espesially use light colours like light blue,pink and beige. Spring is their favorite season! They love outfits if it's lovely cute and sweet!

At the last post i give you guys anwsers to the questions. But now i want to know more about you!
I dont think that everyone has one of these style's don't get me wrong at that.
But I think that everyone has a little mix from every look. So do I ,i have a mix of all kinds of styles.
What's your style?

maandag 16 mei 2011

Hey, do you know me?

I have this blog now for about a year and i started  to realize that you guys don't know that much about me!
So a few post's ago i ask you what do you want to know about me.
Well now i give you my anwsers!

1. How do you descripe your style?

I would descripe me style as Edgy,femine with a lovely touch.

2. Wich season of the year has your prefer?

I love the spring because then it is  not to warm and not to cold. The perfect temperature.

I really enjoy the bright colours in April and the flowers! And i love the feeling when you can for the fist time put your jacket out and going outside without a jacket! And in April it is  my birthday that's always a good thing!

3. Where do you shop the most?

My favorite shops are the Zara,Avelon, De bijenkorf and GESTUZ.

4. How tall are you?

I'm 1.76

5. Which hair products do you use and how do you style it?
My hair is really dry and thin so i have to use really good hair products.
I love to use everytime another product, but the best product in the winter are  for me are the
shampoo's and conditioners from Rob Peetoom. I also use the hair mask of Loreal.
In the summer is my hair very dry and than i use the John Frieda sheer go blonder!
And about the style , I really like to do everytime something different!
Most of the time i let my hair just hanging lose. But now im very intro to the  fishbone braid!

6. Would you like to work as a fashion editor in Vogue or something like that?

I just want that when i was a little kid! I't just always a dream for me!
When i'm done with school i'm going to Artemis that's a styling academie in Amsterdam.

7. What's your favorite shop city in the Netherlands?

My favorite shop City in the Netherlands are Amsterdam and Den Bosch!

I hope you enjoy this anwsers! If you have more questions just ask me!

donderdag 12 mei 2011

Sit up straight i'm on a dubble date

Heey Fashionista's
Margot, a friend of my is  on a photography school. And she has to do a photo assignment from things.
She has chosen to do a photo serie off my stuff. I think that the pictures are very beautiful!

What do you see on this pictures?

- Koh nailvernish NEON pink
- Maybeline lipstick 812
- Sunglasses Glamour
- Pink I-pod
- Mascara mini CHANEL

dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Cruise me away

Yesterday Chanel showed their Cruise collection 2011. I have always loved Chanel.
But now even more! I love the fresh and nude colours Karl had used for this collection.
And with sometimes a outcoming colour as at the first picture with the yellow.
Anyways,, Chanel is as usually very classy and chic!
Wich outfit do you love the most?

zaterdag 7 mei 2011

How to find price charming?

Have you the same? I always have an idea how something should be, a kind of perfect image in my head of everything:  from a party, a holiday you name it. I also have always the perfect guy in my head. My friends always call him Nate / liam guy.
Nate from Gossip Girl and 90210 Liam hahaha. This combination is really perfect for me. But then last week I met a guy he was  just the perfect guy, his name is  Jason and I met him when I was going out with my friends but what turned out he was gay haha!! Now whenever I come across a guy he is taken or gay. You know that picture from SATC right? that the girls see a very handsome man and he is kissing his boyfriend? That kind of happend exactly with me! So yah I am still waiting for the perfect guy. I always say this: Im tired of looking for the perfect guy for now on .. he can look for me.

I always love you,

Xxx Zoë

woensdag 4 mei 2011

Summer style guide


First of all i'm so happy that it is almost summer!
I'm going to Barcelona this summer with my mom, and i'm really looking forward to it.
Just relaxing on the beach with the palmtrees. Shopping and going to very lovely restaurants.
So this is what i really going to put in my suitcase for this summer!
Where are you guys going on vacation this year? Tell me all about it.

     What do you see on the style guide.
  • J brand denim short
  • Norma Kamali bikini (red)
  • GAP Old navy bandeau ( green)
  • H&M bandeau (blue and brown)
  • H&M bordeau bikini with blue shark teeth
  • Daniel foorwear sandales cherry
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs wedge heels
  • Lavin floral handbag
  • Flower necklace by peopletree
  • H&M sunglasses
  • Nicole by OPI nail green at Target