dinsdag 29 maart 2011

' I am not young enough to know everything'

'I am not young enough to know everything'
This quote is from the designer of Avelon Erik Frenken.
I think if you ask me it's a really cool quote!
You have to think about it  for a couple of seconds.
Here is have some inspitation pictures it's  reminds  me of this lovely spring. I like the colour blocking and bright colours in all this pictures.
Look for more pictures at : www.romanticgirl.tumblr.com
And i have some good and bad news!
First the good news: I go to Pinkpop 2011 i am so happy and excited!
And the bad news is that my camera is broken!
I mean i loved this camera but i hope that i get a new one.

zondag 20 maart 2011

French kissing in the USA

Hee guys,

Do you know Zoe Karssen? She is from the t-shirts with the chanel logo.
She is a dutch designer who made lovely t-shirts. Famous clebs are wearing her t-shirts.
And the new ZK collection is in stores next week.

woensdag 16 maart 2011

Does the perfect guy excist?

hee guys

Saterday i have saw the movie beauty in a briefcase with hilary duff.
The movie is about a journalist that really wants to work by the magazine cosmocolitian. When her dream finally comes out she has to go undercover in the business world to found  her find the perfect guy! But would she found him? I love this movie because it is all about beauty , fashion , love and more!
The perfect girls movie! But does the perfect guy excist? If you think maybe the perfect guy is a model right.. the perfect face, body and hair?! If you ask me the perfect guy does not excist. Everybody have little imperfections that makes someone beautiful.


zondag 13 maart 2011

Do it like your boyfriend

Black blazer: Vintage
Blouse: H&M
Denim short: Monki
Watch: Vintage CHANEL
Purse: Laura dolls
Sneakers: VANS

It was wonderfull in Amsterdam with my friend : lilla-fashion.
It was as usual very busy, but it was so mutch fun.
We were the most at the nine streets ( de negen straatjes) of the Jordaan.
I love it there because there are really special shops!
And ofcourse the starbucks at the central station!
We all had a frappuccino it's so delicious mmm...
I had bought two things. A blouse of H&M and a short that you can see on the picture.
Today i was going for the boyfriend look.
I love that look and i saw it many times on the runway.
Today was my last day of freedom. Tomorrow starts school.
im so not exited. And it is raining can it get worse ?

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dinsdag 1 maart 2011

Hello Lovely March

It is March time for some inspiration! When you say march i say: Spring! and lovely and cute colours like soft pink and light blue! And ofcourse cute dresses!