donderdag 28 april 2011

KOH colours

 I'm really happy with my four new nail polishes. It was a gift from the Elle!
 I have got 3 colour: Hot pink,Grey and Beige and i really love them all.
 I also got the so called: wipe it away. It's a nail vernish in a nail polish. it is so handy and you can bring   it with you everywhere! My favorite colour is the hot pink because i think that it is an really summer colour!

dinsdag 26 april 2011

when you say i do

This is the new compain from the brand pepe jeans.
Actually i am always a fan of pepe jeans! I love the edgy and feminine combination.
I love the pictures so mutch. The boy and the girl looks gorgeous together.
And the clothes are amazing. What do you think of it?

zaterdag 23 april 2011

Lace it up with flower chain

 Yesterday i went shopping with one of my BFFs It was so mutch fun and the weather was so nice!
And i bought this cute little dress in a shop that called Bella. I love the soft colour in combination with the lace and the cute little brown belt. I think that this dress is perfect for this Easter!
Im going with easter to my family what are you guys doing with Easter?

woensdag 13 april 2011

So what would you ask me

This is a little inspiration.
I really love black and white pictures i think it's more beautiful than colour photo's.
Photo 1 t/m 3 it's me! Finally some pictures with my new camera
I have notist that you guys have questions about me.
So what would you ask me?
I anwser the questions.
You know not that much from me so ask me anything you want to know!
I hope i  hear from you soon!

Vote for : fashionapp at

iloveyou xx


zondag 10 april 2011

There is nothing more

It's such a good weather today i love it!
i love to walk in the wood with this weather!
Did you remember the last post?
With the colourblocking.
Well now i had today i wore a little colourblocking.
I just love mine neon colour pink t-shirt from Custo.
Have a lovely last day of freedom!

what do you see on the picture:

Pink t-shirt : Custo
Boy friend Blazer: Vintage
white jeans: Replay
Sneakers: Vans
Sunglasses: Vintage

maandag 4 april 2011

Duct-tape Chanel Coctail dress

This is the new A/W 2011 collection from Avelon.
The desinger is Erik Frenken a well known name in the fashionworld.
He was for 4 years desinger for Victor and Rolf.
 I have told you a couple post ago about the brand.
This collection is almost completely black. the reason for it?
Because he '' just felt like it '' that's makes me that i admire the collection even more.
The collection is a combination of feminine, chic and elegant but still roc and roll.
The word Duct-tape chanel coctail dress refers to that combination.
If you look at the leather jacket, I immediately want to skip the spring and summer!
And have you seen those pants with zippers in it? to die for it !
Lots of love ,

vrijdag 1 april 2011

I must be dreaming

Tomorrow it become 23 degrees! And i love that finally it become warmer!
This is what i'm going to do tomorrow with this summer weather:

 1. Eating fresh fruit ooh i love it!
2. Put lovely flowers in your hair.
3. Put denim shorts on!
4. Enjoy the sun. 

5. Eating delicious ice cream mmm..
6. Put a bikini on

7. Looking romantic summer movies like letters to julliet.
8. Summer Shopping with the most beautiful summer clothes on.

9. I love sweet pink lipgloss in the summer.