zaterdag 30 juli 2011

Avelon I mean i love it

If you know me you know that i love the brand Avelon.
I have wrote about it a couple times and here
Now they have the S/S 12 and i like it no i mean i love it.
There is a lot more of colour than the previous collections.
I have to tell you that i have bought something from Avelon a week ago!
And in the next days i show it to you!
But for now i show you guys the S/S 12 collection the third collection from Avelon.
What's your favorite outfit?



zondag 24 juli 2011

sometimes i wish live was a black and white movie

Pictures: made by me/ on the picture: me,fabian (little brother), Barcelona, drawing by me


If you know me you know that i love black and white pictures!
And that i love to making pictures
This is a selection of pictures that i made, and ofcourse in black and white!

 Kisses, Zoë

woensdag 6 juli 2011

Life is sweet




Just some inspiration pictures.
Yesterday i had graduation day im so happy that i have my diploma now!
Finally i have left that school! This 4 years were just like a  rollercoaster with the ups and downs.
I have good and bad memorys but the important is that i met friends for life! And i never forget those times! I have learnt so much about myself and other!
Now up to the next school!