zaterdag 7 mei 2011

How to find price charming?

Have you the same? I always have an idea how something should be, a kind of perfect image in my head of everything:  from a party, a holiday you name it. I also have always the perfect guy in my head. My friends always call him Nate / liam guy.
Nate from Gossip Girl and 90210 Liam hahaha. This combination is really perfect for me. But then last week I met a guy he was  just the perfect guy, his name is  Jason and I met him when I was going out with my friends but what turned out he was gay haha!! Now whenever I come across a guy he is taken or gay. You know that picture from SATC right? that the girls see a very handsome man and he is kissing his boyfriend? That kind of happend exactly with me! So yah I am still waiting for the perfect guy. I always say this: Im tired of looking for the perfect guy for now on .. he can look for me.

I always love you,

Xxx Zoë

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  1. i love sex and the city :D

  2. Haha, your story could've been a scene from my life. I barely find any guy attractive but if I find someone attractive he's gay. so depressing :-D

  3. Thanks for a comment ! <3
    Yeah, he's cute :D
    Take care xxx

  4. Haha, funny story! And I agree Liam and Nate <3

  5. I love Nate and Liam!! That's why I watch those shows! Haha, I definitely need a perfect guy, but you're right he can freaking look for me now!

    Live Life in Style

  6. haha Ja herkenbaar, echt grappig geschreven!!! :D
    Bedankt voor je comment;)

  7. Quote; Stop searching, and you will find him! Hihi. :$

    x marije

  8. god this guy from the top is amazing H-O-T!;) well understandebel that you find that as well:D
    I would be really happy if you would follow me on my blog! <3

  9. Fun post :) The picture of Chase Crawford (Nate) is unbelievable, so handsome =)



  10. I love Nate, Liam and SATC :p

  11. liam is soooo hot! damn!

    thx for your lovely comment. i follow u! nice blog!

    la tiquismiquis

  12. Idd, ze zijn altijd bezet of homo. ;)
    Leuk geschreven!

  13. Wowie haha hallo daar,
    dat is inderdaad geen verkeerd hoofd XD
    Ik denk dat je sowieso nooit op zoek moet gaan,
    wat je zoekt, vindt je nooit,
    althans dat heb ik met kleding XD haha!

    &Oh ik heb vandaag eindelijk m'n eerste give-away gelaunched! Hooray, yay me haha ^^


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